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How in control of your mornings do you currently feel?

There have been tremendous amounts of research that suggest a successful morning routine precedes a successful day.

I personally connect with this, and consciously make choices each morning that help set me up for the day.

Everyones morning habits are different and there certainly isn’t a set recipe for success, I suggest taking a pick-and-mix approach whilst going through the journey of refining your morning habits, keep what works and remove what doesn’t.

One of the reasons why having a morning routine will help drive success is simply because it requires your brain to make fewer decisions. It knows what to expect and each morning it becomes easier, less challenging and, depending on what habits you choose to include, it also has a hugely positive impact on your mental and physical well-being.

Hal Elrod’s ‘The Miracle Morning’ was a game changer in my thinking and helped me create the habits that formed my morning routine. I highly recommend reading this to gain an understanding of the psychological impact and give you inspiration to support your own change.

Falling off the morning routine band wagon, really derails me.

It increases my stress levels and I can almost guarantee that I’ll have “one of those days” following a disorganised start to the day. This is why I even complete the routine on weekends, because a habit remains a habit by being habitual and to be honest, I much prefer the way my day flows when I choose to start my day with my routine.

I strongly believe that your morning routine doesn’t always start in the morning, in fact, it starts the night before. One task that I include, which I genuinely believe makes a huge difference, is to pick out and prepare my outfit for the day the night before. I appreciate some people like to dress for how they feel, but for me, having to decide what to wear in the morning causes a silly amount of stress for a simple decision, especially if it requires ironing….a task that I do not enjoy! Preparing that outfit makes such a difference for me.

My morning routine includes;

– 10 minutes of meditation – I use the Headspace app and find it helps create a resourceful state of mind to get the day going and leaves me feeling altogether more relaxed.

– My gratitude list – I list the top 3 things I am grateful for that morning

– Drink a pint of water within an hour of waking up – without water your brain and body cannot fully function and I feel the impact of dehydration in my thinking (or lack of)

– 5 minutes of stretching/yoga – helps activates my body for the day

– Choose a healthy breakfast

– Keep my phone on airplane mode – I always sleep with my phone on airplane mode and choose to leave it on until I’m showered and dressed, otherwise the world of emails, messages and social media captures my attention and before I know it, I’ve lost half an hour!

Whatever your morning routine includes, make it work for you. A successful start will roll out into your day. You’ll feel calmer, in control and peaceful…benefits most people enjoy.

Love, Nicole.