My blog is devoted to sharing personal development tools, techniques and tips that will inspire you to create a growth mindset, build resilience and manage your world more effectively.

Nicole's Insights

Running your own business alongside a demanding full time job certainly has its challenges.

Particularly when you’re passionate about both, which means you really invest your energy in everything you do.


Honestly, there are some days when it can feel a bit too much. There’s always one extra task to do, one more email to send, anotherInstagram post to action, and in my day job I’m a leader in the business, this means I have to show up for my team each and every day. My motivation, energy and innovations need to continuously empower, guide and lead other human beings, and to be honest…some days I simply want to sit in bed, watch Netflix and eat a share bag of minstrels to myself (share bags are not for sharing!). Then on top of that, you need to maintain your relationships, workout, eat well and breathe!


So, why do we do it? Why are there some people out there in the world who CHOOSE this to be their life? Well, I can’t speak on behalf of others, but I know why I do what I do and that’s because it’s my purpose in life.


I truly believe my life’s purpose is to help make a difference with the people that I meet. I want to help people reach their full potential, I want to experience the human connection that is ignited through inspiration and from achievement. I want to be able to look back when I’m 80years old and know that I achieved everything that I wanted to.

If you are considering starting your own business along side your day job, just know that it can be tough. You have to do the things that need doing, even on the days you don’t feel like doing them. No one else will make you a success, it’s all on your head, your time, your money. But, also know that the reward of feeling intrinsically motivated outweighs those moments of tiredness and doubt. You will not know everything, and most of the time you have to figure it out for yourself, making mistakes along the way, but the people you meet and the friendships you’ll make on your journey will be so rewarding.

My top tips for staying sane and being successful are:

  • Exercise - It truly sets you up each day, even a short 15-minute walk can focus your mind and get your heart pumping.
  • Drink water – at least 2 litres per day. Most of your brain and body is made up from water, if they become even 1% dehydrated, it impedes your performance.  
  • Sleep – This can be the one thing that is compromised the most and unfortunately there is no such thing as being able to catch up on the weekend (read Matthew Walker’s ‘WhyWe Sleep’). Get enough sleep!
  • Commit to a morning ritual every single day that gets you ready to take on the world. Mine consists of journaling, affirmations and a 20-minute meditation, it sets my intention and outlook for the day.
  • Manage expectations – be realistic with your time, turn some invitations down, set and mange realistic time frames for when you can achieve things.
  • Connect with people who are in a similar position to you, these people are a godsend on the days when things feel hard and you need to talk it through.
  • Get a coach! If money permits, invest in a coach that will hold you accountable and inspires you to take action.
  • Use your diary!!Time management is a must, plan your day and include breaks for yourself.
  • Write everything down! Trust me….you will not remember that thought tomorrow or even in a few hours’ time….get your key thoughts down on paper.
  • Delegate – if you’re in a position to do so, delegate the tasks you can. It might feel like hard work to begin with, but once you’ve taken the time to clearly communicate what you need to share then it will save you sooooo much time.
  • Finally, know that it’s ok to occasionally feel like giving up. But only ever let it be a feeling, acknowledge that it’s tough and let it go. Remind yourself of your purpose and your why.
  • Back up mindset plan – for those days that feel super tough, ensure you save any positive messages of thanks, acknowledgment or feedback that you receive and look over them. We often forget the positive impact we make and a little reminder goes a long way.

Love, Nicole.