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There will always be points in our lives when we have to make some big decisions, and this can be pretty scary stuff added to the pressure of actually making the decision, how do you know you’re making the right one?

These times in our lives can feel overwhelming and we often, if not always, seek advice from others, which can be incredibly valuable.

However, what if their values are different to yours? What if their unconscious bias is projecting what ‘they’ would do, instead of what’s right for you?

There’s no magic formula to knowing if the decisions you make will turn out the way you want them to, you can only make decisions based on the information you have to hand in that moment, and use your intuition on what feels right.

Having said that, often people struggle to make big life decisions because they haven’t spent any time connecting and understanding their core values.

Your values are the driving force behind what you place the most importance on in your life. These values can and will change as you grow and evolve, but how well do you really know your core values?

If I asked you right now, to tell me your top 3 core values, most people would be a bit stumped.

Unless you’ve taken some time to sit down and really think it through, you won’t know. The only time it would become apparent is when someone crosses your values, you’d have a very strong emotional response to someone challenging them….you just might not have known that your core values were driving your response.

This post today is to help guide you to take some time to reflect and connect with your values. Knowing what they are will help you make future decisions. Whenever I have a decision to make I ask myself does it connect with my top 3 core values? If it does, then I do it! If it doesn’t, I’ll pass.

My core values are Adventure, Inspiration and Freedom, they haven’t changed in years.

I re-visit them to see if they’ve changed but they have remained the same for a long time. When opportunities come my way, as long as they tick all 3 of them, I’ll go for it, without hesitation. I know that it’s the right decision based on what’s most important to me.

Let’s get you started with working through yours.

Below I have listed multiple examples of core values, read through them and take a moment to write down as many of them that you feel connected with. I certainly haven’t listed all the options, so feel free to add in any of your own. Select the areas that are most important to you in your life. Do this by yourself, this shouldn’t be influenced by anyone else.

  • LOVE
  • FUN

You should now have a list of values that you connect with.

The next stage is to figure out which are your top 3 most important values. This can be pretty hard to whittle down. I suggest reflecting on the list you have written in front of you and ask yourself:

How do I want to live my life every day?

How do I want to feel every day?

Which of these make my heart sing?

For some people this may only take a few minutes, for others it could take much longer. Play around with these until it feels right.

Once you have them, write them up somewhere that you can see every day. Turning them into the wallpaper on your phone is great…with the number of times we pick up our phones every day, that would be a great way to view them frequently.

Now, moving forward, for every decision you have to make, ensure you connect with your values and align your decisions with them. Use them as the guiding force in your life, with your rules. Remember they can and probably will change over time.

Now, I’m off to have an adventure, feel free, and inspire and be inspired!

Love, Nicole.