Mindset Masterclass

This 10 module Beginners Mindset Masterclass will provide you with the tools and techniques to remove any pesky mindset limitations holding you back. Facing self-doubt head on and growing your confidence whilst improving your time management effectiveness and overcoming procrastination are just a few of the skills covered.
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What's included:

20 training videos

Detailed guidance and theories

Training video

10 supporting workbooks

Guided activities and module certificates

Work book pages

Bonus Private Facebook Group

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Beginners Mindset Masterclass

10  steps to change your life

This online 10 module Beginners Mindset Masterclass will support you through up-skilling the key areas that contribute to a resourceful mind, including;

• How to effectively manage your emotions
• Time management techniques and overcoming procrastination
• How to reduce the impact others have on you and your decisions
• Manage your thoughts to ensure they work for you
• Removing pesky self-doubt
• How to manage your fears to prevent them from holding you back
• Ways to create balance in your life
• Techniques to improve your self-esteem
• An introduction on how to deliver your message with confidence
• How to refine the future you and connect with your values

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